Wednesday, 19 August 2015

genesis of iii/PzRgt 27 ?

At the last minute before publication of the PzRgt 27 book I made a connection that had been sitting on my desktop for a while in the ??? folder. As with all pieces when they finally fall in to place the connections seems obvious now. 

I had a number of images that show vehicles in what looks like a training situation with very large turret numbers. One of the source had described them as "PzLehr" and they all appeared to be taken during exercises.

Initially I had thought these were an early manifestation of PzRgt25 - 7th PzDiv. However, the style and size of the numbers didn't quite fit. When I found out that PzRgt 27 had been constructed from three Panzer Erstaz Abteilung (reserve/training battalion) the connection to the large numbers seen on 9th K PzIVs and possible "PzLehr" was made.

 The style of digit matches theirs. This would make the images above images from PzErtzAbt 10 as this was where PzRgt 27's third Battalion sourced their vehicles. Certainly the PzIVs, PzIIs & PzIs as no PzIIIs went to PzRgt 27. These images probably date from mid - late 1940 prior to the new Regiment's formation on the 1st Oct.

Finally PzRgt 27 supplement is uploaded

After sitting gone the back burner for over the year I have finally got round to focussing on this book.










19th PzDiv 1941 A study of PzRgt 27 PzKpfw IVs during Operation Barbarossa by from the collection of 8wheels-good

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This third Supplementary edition to the "PzKpfwIV at the front" series follows on from the information in "Barbarossa stowage" that identified unit specific stowage styles. The book takes a close up look at the PzIVs deployed specifically in PzRgt 27 during the fighting in 1941, looking in depth at the style of markings and stowage used by its three different medium Kompanies. There are 90 pages that include 89 period black & white photographs, many published for the first time and often showing the same vehicle from different angles.

It concludes with a 6 page section on modelling a 1/35 PzIV from the 6th Kompanie. This section includes 15 full colour photos (more below) that show the building and correcting of Dragon's PzIV Ausf E VorPz kit.