Sunday, 1 September 2013

colour slides

I came across these two fantasic colour slides on the website Notice how dark the grey is when clean and the white width markers used on the rear mudflaps by this unit.

They show 12th PzDiv PzIVs either just before the invasion or in the first days of the invasion.
There are lots of interesting features to examine including; AAMG fitted to the cupola, grenades hung from the turret rear, camoed zeltbahn, different exhausts rust patterns in the two images etc.

The second image also shows a BK applied to the right bottom of the turret rear (although this slide may be reversed). I have seen one more image that shows a glimpse of a BK on 12th PzDiv turret rears but this is a location that is often obscured by items on the engine deck.  

Unfortunately the grenades cover the turret number so there is no additional help here in identifying the Kompanie they belong to. I still have not been able to find a definite 9th K image.

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  1. These are some fantastic photos, I especially like the contrast between the zeltbahn on the turret and the surrounding dunkelgrau paint.