Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Barbarossa decals in 1/35

I stumbled across this set of makings from Danmodels, a company I had not previously heard of. They seem to specialise more in aircraft markings and ephemera. So these sheets are a bit of a detour from the rest of their range. The set is a great companion for the main book as it covers 8 of the vehicles illustrated between its covers.

A welcome addition for me as I was planning to make models covering at least four of the Divisions that are featured. I have ordered it from Hobbyterra.com and await its arrival impatiently.
They look pretty accurate only a few comment to make:

  • The 11thPzDiv symbol looks too big in relation to the ghost rider but I have alternatives in the spare box (as do most of the Divisional emblems that seem a bit over scaled).

  • The 19th PzDiv emblem looks a bit chunky. 

  • And not sure about the thin outline around the 20th PzDiv turret numbers. But that could be dark grey, which would disappear.

Then there's the colour question. Black or red infill?
Here is a 3rd PzDiv, Stab PzIII (circa spring 42) with its numbers infilled with black.

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