Monday, 16 September 2013

19th PzDiv - PzRgt 27 supplementary volume nearly ready.

The content is complete, a model is made to illustrate the stowage. It would be nice to see this painted so this is the only thing holding the project back from publishing.

This supplementary edition will revert back to the original format, with most pages having one large image and some double page spreads. It covers the three Kompanien of PzIVs within PzRgt 27, looking at their stowage and markings in detail. To help with this I have tried to gather different views of the same vehicle or location where ever possible. I have had help with some of this background from Dennis de Zwart who is writing his own much more in depth book on the whole Division. Here is a link to his website:

Brief unit history with leaders and battle locations listed

  • Intro including background & images of training exercises prior to Barbarossa
  • 3 chapters, one covering each Kompanie
  • 10 double page spreads
  • 9 of the vehicles are illustrated by more than a single image
  • 69 photographs in total
  • The usual appendix of photo rears
  • A modelling section following the conversion of a  1/35 Ausf E in to a 6th K vehicle.

I'm cleaning out the airbrush in preparation for some late evenings this week.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

colour slides

I came across these two fantasic colour slides on the website Notice how dark the grey is when clean and the white width markers used on the rear mudflaps by this unit.

They show 12th PzDiv PzIVs either just before the invasion or in the first days of the invasion.
There are lots of interesting features to examine including; AAMG fitted to the cupola, grenades hung from the turret rear, camoed zeltbahn, different exhausts rust patterns in the two images etc.

The second image also shows a BK applied to the right bottom of the turret rear (although this slide may be reversed). I have seen one more image that shows a glimpse of a BK on 12th PzDiv turret rears but this is a location that is often obscured by items on the engine deck.  

Unfortunately the grenades cover the turret number so there is no additional help here in identifying the Kompanie they belong to. I still have not been able to find a definite 9th K image.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Barbarossa decals in 1/35

I stumbled across this set of makings from Danmodels, a company I had not previously heard of. They seem to specialise more in aircraft markings and ephemera. So these sheets are a bit of a detour from the rest of their range. The set is a great companion for the main book as it covers 8 of the vehicles illustrated between its covers.

A welcome addition for me as I was planning to make models covering at least four of the Divisions that are featured. I have ordered it from and await its arrival impatiently.
They look pretty accurate only a few comment to make:

  • The 11thPzDiv symbol looks too big in relation to the ghost rider but I have alternatives in the spare box (as do most of the Divisional emblems that seem a bit over scaled).

  • The 19th PzDiv emblem looks a bit chunky. 

  • And not sure about the thin outline around the 20th PzDiv turret numbers. But that could be dark grey, which would disappear.

Then there's the colour question. Black or red infill?
Here is a 3rd PzDiv, Stab PzIII (circa spring 42) with its numbers infilled with black.

Friday, 14 June 2013

BARBAROSSA stowage update on blurb

UPDATE no.2 is now complete and uploaded to bulb.  A full preview is temporarily available for the next week by clicking on the cover below.

The content of this update reflect the content and ideas presented in this blog. With many of the images discussed here used and supplemented by others.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Barbarossa Stowage Update ready to go

The second update will add to the info first presented in "Barbarossa Stowage" back in Aug 2010. The reason this book has taken that long to make is down to the constant trickle of new and helpful images, which mean that it now has 118 photos in it.  

This update manages to fill most of the gaps left in the original volume and add some newly discovered information. This includes:
how 1st PzDiv stowage changed in the build up to Barbarossa plus a driver's eye view of first days of action, more coverage of 4th K - 4th PzDiv, unusual turret markings in 6th PzDiv, rear marking details for 4th K - 8th PzDiv, the use of and stowage for Ausf Fs in 9th K - 9th PzDiv, a bit more light shone on the numbering system of 11th PzDiv, Kompanie specifics for 16th PzDiv, all round detail for 9th K - 17th PzDiv (ex-Lehr)unusual turret bin makings on 19th PzDiv and 5th PzDiv during the Winter of 41/42, 20th PzDiv rear stowage, 2nd PzDiv Stab markings & 5th PzDiv right hand stowage.

So the picture is now 99% complete. Along with this unit specific information there are the usual things discussed that are of general interest, and a few unusual including: 3 examples of cupola AA MG use, an 88 under tow!

The format of the book follows that of the main Volume, each Division is dealt with like a chapter. Where there are new general issue they are discussed as a heading and then individual Kompanies are described, followed by specific turret numbers/Ausfs for other vehicles not shown in the book.

Although this volume is an update to the previous edition it can still work as a stand alone book, as there are examples of all Kompanies included. So it should be useful either to drill down for that really specific detail or to get a sense of the vehicles and epic landscape of this gargantuan conflict.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

7th PzDiv early losses

Two post further down I speculate on reasons why vehicles with one Ks stowage appear with markings from another. I have identified one possible event that laid the foundations for these moves. In the very early stages of Barbarossa there are references to fierce fighting on the road to and in and around Olita between PzRgt 25 and the 5th Tank Division.

The number of tanks lost by 5th Tank Division on that first encounter with PzRgt 25 is reported as 82. However PzRgt 25 also sufferd high casualties percentage wise, possible as much as 50%.

I came across this photo with a caption on the rear that mentions Olita:

There are many images of damaged and KOed PzRgt 25 PzIVs in locations with similar sandy terrain and scattered birch trees. The following group show different points of view of the same KOed PzIV surrounded by the carcasses of BT7s. 

in this last set of images the PzIV seems to have been moved nearer the road again (leaving its turret bin behind) and one of the BT7s has also been dragged down from the rise in front of it.

These images show three views of it in the location it was originally KOed. Before being dragged backwards off the road into the neighbouring field and having multiple elements scavenged from its carcass.

A different 12th K Ausf E in a similar location that doesn't look as heavily damaged but the second image of it shows tow ropes attached, which confirm it is disabled if not destroyed.

These links give a good background to the initial part of Barbarossa from the Regiment's point of view. They also indicate that due to heavy losses of equipment it was reduced from three to two battalions on the 28th June:

There have also been some discussion on Russia language forums of the same series of battles but due to language issues they are hard to follow.