Sunday, 23 September 2012

20th PzDiv rear detail

While writing Barbarossa Stowage I was unaware of any specific rear stowage for 20th PzDiv PzIV's however some subsequent connections have made me relook at this area.

It would appear that two rolled up fascines were carried on the rear plate of the engine deck. These were supported on four quite heavy brackets cantilevered of the engine deck. The overhanging nature of these lead to the exhaust pipe being extended and a small hood added to shield the wooden fascines.

This collection of images above clearly show the extended exhaust and the structure of the brackets. They also provide evidence of the tray of four or five jerrycans stowed on the engine deck in a row parallel to the direction of travel. In the final image two can be seen side by side, sometimes the two were also mounted at right angles to one another. Interestingly the Jerrycans appear darker than the rest of the vehicle and much warmer in tone than the Panzer.

Finally, this image shows another view of 61 (previously discussed here and in the update) just prior to the Russian troops looting it.

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