Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ausf F

Finally got my hands on the English translation of Spielbeger's updated PzIV book, not the holy grail I had hoped for. A bit of a dry technical tome but some interesting detail worth the effort of digging through the poor translation and difficult structure of the book, specifically the more detailed production statistics. Bed time reading for us rivet counters only I'm afraid.


These monthly production stats for early Ausfs reveal that only 16 Ausf Fs were produced by Krupp in May 41 followed by 38 in June and another 38 in July. These figures explain the relatively few images of Ausf Fs during the early stages of Barbarossa.

Further production by Krupp in August was 42 and Vomag joined production only managing 2.
September saw 42 from Krupp and 4 from Vomag.
October 43 from Krupp and 8 from Vomag.
November 39 from Krupp, 12 from Vomag and Nibelungen joined adding 1.
December 45 from Krupp, 14 from Vomag and 2 from Nibelungen.

These numbers show why there was so few replacements added to the Panzer's ranks and how the push Eastwards was to gradually bleed the Divisions dry. These numbers were affected by a lack of specialist workers at the factories.

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