Saturday, 15 October 2011

Parallel universes

I was recently contacted by a fellow researcher from Russia who has been on a parallel track to mine; in fact our research mirrors each others so much that he was suspicious of plagarism when he first saw "Barbarossa Stowage" coming online.

His home page

where he has some nice examples of vehicles from 1941 - you will need to play around with an online translator to get the full benefit.

Russian Discusion forum - thread on PzIV in 1941

where he has been sharing his work with like minded image hunters. You will see half way down that I  get a good kicking when he thought I had stolen his work (we are sharing stuff now that we have found crossed into each others parallel universes). It looks like he may be able to take the work further with more detail of unit make up as he is working on his own book.

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