Friday, 14 October 2011

8th PzDIv

A bumper lot of PzIVs from an 8th PzDiv album have turned up on ebay. Documenting a number of interesting events including; a derailment caused by a PzIV straying in front of a train, a PzIV falling off its Sd Anh 116 trailer and some comprehensive destruction. They give a great insight into 4th Kompanie.

The image of the careless Panzer who misjudged the level crossing has been published before but wasn't recognised as 8th PzDiv.

They confirm that unlike the other Kompanies the 4th doesn't appear to have any coloured bars on its turret rear.

Here are some other 8thPzDiv images I have come across recently from the other Kompanies:

The last one shows the stowage of wheels on the rear of the turret - these are seen on a KOed Ausf C on page 89 of Volume 1. These are a hang over from the Balkan conflict where all PzIVs in the Division had two wheels on their turret rear before the fitting of turret bins.

It is also one of the most haunting Eastern front images I have come across.

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