Tuesday, 30 August 2011

17th PzDiv - 6th K diary

I recently received "The War Diaries of a Panzer Soldier". These first hand documents describe events on the Eastern Front from the personal point of view of a radio operator in iii/PzRgt 39, fully illustrated with his own photographs. Many great TauchPz IV Ausf Es from every angle, just a shame the are reproduced quite so small. As such it gives us an interesting insight into the day to day activities undertaken by PzIV crew member; food and women seem to have been high on his agenda.

Having just read the first couple of chapters I have found the book enthralling, not just in the activities that are described in the remarkable daily input he managed but also in reading between those lines at his stoic comments on certain situations and circumstances. Made all the more real by the realisation that one of the photos in my collection is of his KOed tank.

I will try and write a full review when I finish the book but one of the interesting things to already turn up is that despite being issued with TauchPz IVs there is no mention of the tanks being used in diving mode to cross rivers underwater. Only a cursory mention of immersion training a few days before the invasion. I have contacted the authors and they confirmed they found no evidence of this in the diaries.

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