Tuesday, 31 May 2011

20th aerial recognition marking

I haven't added anything to the description in the book of the layout used by 20th PzDiv yet. This is primarily because there are quite a few images of this well documented Division and along with 19th was one of the first I was able to distinguish. However there was one feature I described in the book that I was unable to track down subsequently. A case of shoddy note keeping I'm afraid but by chance I came across the original image again, which indicated to me that they used a painted swastika on the turret bin lid for aerial recognition.

An unusual practice and one that is difficult to say if it was universal or specific to this vehicle. Purely because the location makes cross-referencing and checking with other vehicles very difficult.

According to my (better kept) records turret number 61 belonged to an Ausf E. Unfortunately the Russian soldiers manage to cover ever distinguishing feature between E & D except the front drive sprocket which looks pretty mangled.

I have a second image of 61 as a wreck this time stripped bare and on a train returning from the front for servicing/rebuilding. So it would seem that this vehicle possible changed hands at least twice.