Wednesday, 16 February 2011

10th PzDiv 4th K update

A speculative purchase of a rather unpromising photo has brought me back to some missed info. Blowing it up revealed the single digit 4 on the turret rear and the 4?? tactical number on the superstructure side that indicate 10th PzDiv.

I looked back through info in notebooks to find reference to stowage on the right fender of 4th Kompanie vehicles. It had got swamped in the growing amount I was dealing with at that point.
I had previously been unable to find any clear side-on image of the left. However rear and three quarter views had given glimpses of a tool box behind the spare wheel and a possible related move of the fire extinguisher backwards to the middle of the fender.

The practice of attaching one end of the tow rope to or near to the crew mounting step was also common.