Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ex-Lehr wheels stowage system spotted

I have just bought an image in a workshop/dump that shows the left side with the wheels removed from what appears to be a complex rack. Possibly a horizontal bar welded to the armoured vent cover with two vertical loops attached to it in an upright position, which would space the wheels. And finally two straps or bars attaching the main horizontal bar to the fender (theses are the elements visible between the wheels in images already posted).

When the photo arrives and I can get a detailed look at it I'll post a blow up here or make a drawing to try and explain this object.

Meanwhile here are a few others that I have uncovered recently from the same workshop;

 The image I got shows the vehicle below and the one in front of it, which still has its wheels in place.

An Ausf C with an empty bracket.

A 9th K behind what looks like a 3rd K Ausf B with an unusually placed small tool box.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

ex Lehr

Here is the image mentioned earlier and in the book. It is on page 187 of Jentz's "Panzer Truppen". The gothic L is clearly visible on the front plate next to the driver's visor on the PzIIs in the foreground.

This is the same vehicle as the one on page 113 of my book. The 924 tac number can just be made out on the rectangular metal plate in front of the jack. A wire comes from the corner of the turret box and attaches to the lifting hook on the front corner of the turret side. The rear of another PzIV in the very front of the image shows short runs of tracks stored on the rear plate of the engine deck. Also of interest is the upright mount on the commanders cupola of the second PzII. This could be either a AA MG mount or for resting observation equipment. 924 also appears to have a similar mount on the front of its cupola.

This image (from Healy's "Panzerwaffe - volume 2, the campaign in the West 1940") shows the tac number plate more clearly. It was attached to the fender by a vertical support and appeared to stand proud from the jack. This vehicle number was 902 showing us another side to one of the vehicle previously described below.

Both these images show a short fascine carried on the rear deck.