Monday, 29 November 2010

17thPzDiv - 9thK (ex PzLehr) cont.

The "distant and blurry right rear view from Trojka" as mentioned in the previous post:

On the left hand vehicle the track-links across the rear engine deck and the plate with the tac number on it are visible. Just above the fascine on the rear deck we also get a glimpse of the turret number on the rear of the bin is 912 and beside the top of the "G", it is unclear why no turret numbers can be seen on the other PzIV but there may be something draped over the turret bin.

Also of note is the Divisional symbol on the back of the staff car.

Plus this second image of the same pair of vehicles, possibly the same location viewed from a different angle.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

17th PzDiv - 9th K (ex-PzLehr)

The info in “Barbarossa stowage” relating to this unit was only gleaned from three images: my own (in the book) partial right hand view, the right hand view in “Panzertruppen”, which also has a small part of the left visible and a distant and blurry right rear view from Trojka. However I have just received a few more that show the rear view more clearly and also throw a bit more light on the left hand side of the vehicle. These allow another image to come out of the “unidentified” file. Not many left in there now but that’s another post.

The images I received (above) shows a small plate, with the tac number on it fitted either on or in front of the jack block (similar to the rhombus type used earlier in the war but rectangular in shape. It also shows the strange addition of a BK under the vision port on the turret side. I have only seen this once before on the image below.

Although the dappled light and the low res don’t help but the white tac symbol on the superstructure front, with the gothic L beside it seems very obvious now. Previously I had presumed it was part of something on the fender. Both show two fittings attached to the fender between the spare wheels. The crew mounting step may also have been moved a bit rearward to accommodate the third wheel. There also appears to be a small tool box mounted to the glacis plate in the same location as the 6th K Tauchs had it. The turret jerry can box is missing.

Other images from the same source show PzIIIs of the 7th K with the same jerrycan box on the roof as these PzIVs. This image from the group also shows the 17th PzDiv symbol on the rear, next to the PzLehr emblem.

Some other  images that showing PzIIIs following the stowage system described above.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

13th in colour

This stunning colour panorama of the Southern steppes had always puzzled me, primarily because of the balkankreus on the turret rear.

The "K" for army Kleist helped start the search but finding images of 13th PzDiv, 5th K vehicles with this unusual feature, as well as other b&w images from the same location with the balkenkreus visible and showing a PzII with the divisional symbol let me place it.

13th wheel fixing

Some of the images in the last post may have shown how the spare wheel was attached to the right superstructure side but this type of bracket does not seem to have been used on the other locations where wheels were stored. This image may show the other style of bracket without a wheels attached;

If the hoop on the rear section of the right fender is indeed a spare wheels bracket then it must have pivoted either forward or backward to allow the wheel to be stored. If the same system was used on the left fender on the two spare wheels then they must have forward and backward because of the closeness of their position.

Unfortunately again the Kompanie number is obscured by the shadow of the turret hatch and other relevant detail hidden by the archives logo.

more 13th images

Although these first three images are all of damaged vehicles at the time they helped clarify the Kompanie numbering system.

The bracket that held the spare wheel on the side of the superstructure, next to the radio operators side visor can just be made out in these low res images. Better scans confirm that this vehicle has the turret number 200 and that it carries both tactical and divisional symbols on its forward zusatzplatten.

13th PzDiv background images

Two copies of one image that help each other out. One shows the division symbol clearly, while the other gives a good view of the left hand of the vehicle.

This cover image was the only one of a PzIV in the book.

Unfortunately the r/o has popped his head out and obscures the Kompanie number. However the addition of the tracklinks on the aerial trough and the lack of a tactical symbol above the divisional symbol indicate that this is a 5th K vehicle.