Sunday, 12 September 2010

ebay delivers

As usual when you start writing or thinking about something it appears on ebay. I must be careful what I wish for the and make sure the sacrifices continue to be to the liking of its fickle gods :)
This nice photo fills in some gaps for the 8th Kompanie right stowage, a similar single horizontal bracket as seen on the left side of some 1st PzDiv. Plus a diagonal strap from under the aerial. These appears to match some bits on the mangled fender on page 13. And the image also confirms the carrying of the long fascines across the rear of the engine deck.

Of general interest is the unusual placement of the starter crank at the rear of the right fender sitting up against the engine deck side. The spare wheel mounted flat in its usual stowing (right front fender) may explain the move but its attitude is another matter.

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