Friday, 3 September 2010

1st PzDiv 4th & 8th Kompanies

As with some other units images of PzKpfw IVs in service with 1st PzDiv during Barbarossa have been exceptionally hard to find, not just PzKpfw IV but any vehicle.

There is one very well known and often published image of an Ausf E firing at night in which the divisional symbol is clear. And is another common image that shows an Ausf B (turret number 421) with an Ausf C (turret number 422) behind it, (often only the single vehicle is printed), which has been described as a 1st PzDiv vehicle and a process of elimination meant this probably fitted as the style of number is a continuation of that used in 1940. The addition of a serif or foot to the bottom of the 4 makes it easily distinguishable.

As well as the couple I found for my own book these are the only others I have come across, the first is low res but the distinctive 4 is visible as is the right fender stowage box.

The second shows a left side view with white numbers (800) and a frame box fitted to the engine deck side that is of the same open frame construction method as that worn on the right by 4th K.

This PzKpfw IV Ausf BorC is interesting because it appears to have the little plates fitted to the rear corners of its turret bin. A feature that I have only ever seen on some Ausf Fs before.

Any further known images people could point me to would be great.....

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