Tuesday, 14 September 2010

1st PzDiv - 8th K from ebay album

The first two images are prior to Barbarossa but have elements of the stowage system used in Russia clearly visible.

  The double bar system for fixing the track-links across the hull front shows up well in this image.

The Divisional symbol was applied to the superstructure front and above the driver's side visor (see also penultimate image below although obscured by sellers watermark).

Although the remaining images don't have such clear content they give us more rare glimpses of 1st PzDiv PzIVs during Barbarossa. This time last year I had only found 1 partial image.
In the last image (on the rear most vehicle) we can see the spare wheel on the front fender with a bracket running along the superstructure side behind it.

These images confirm a single horizontal bracket, for holding jerry cans etc, on both sides of the superstructure for 8th Kompanie vehicles.

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