Friday, 20 August 2010

7th PzDiv - 12thK

7th PzDiv was one of the Divisions who split their PzRgt in to three Battalions. Therefore the hunt was on for a third Kompanie presumably the 12th.

This vehicle (1201) mirrors the placement of the two wheels on the left side seen for 8th K and the numbers are similar although the need for 4 digits would see them reduced. The location also looks like one where a number of KOed 7th PzDiv vehicles have been seen.

Here we see the same wheels and jerry can combination but the jack does not appear to have been moved. This may indicate the log was not used by this Kompanie or that it was stowed differently

A third image purchsed by me with the divisional symbol and the features above confirms these are 7th PzDiv 12thK.

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