Friday, 20 August 2010

Kompanie structure in 6th PzDiv

I own a rather moth eaten copy of Opresy's 6th Panzer Division by Oberst. a.D. Helmet Ritgen

Which as you can see by the cover has some excellent colour photos of PzIVs attached to the division on the eave of Barbarossa. The images were taken by the author and clearly show the Divisional symbol of two Xs. So the lineage of them is not in question

but putting them with the other images already discussed we see a 6th Kompanie a 3rd Kompanie and in these colour photos the vehicles are clearly 4th Kompanie.
So 3rd, 4th and 6th? A strange combination indeed.
At first I thought that one of the images was from a different time period when the units were organised differently but this is not the case. 6th PzDiv did have 3 battalions So there should be three Kompanies. This is one of the anomalies that I mentioned earlier.

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