Saturday, 7 August 2010

Known points of reference

There are three units that immediately spring to mind when identifying Divisions by stowage and theses are;
7th PzDiv with the distinctive shaped triumvirant spare wheel bin (especially the many images of the unfortunate 421),Jerry cans across the engine deck and large log above the right fender,

6th PzDiv with their large rectangular turret bin, row of jerry cans on the left superstructure side and rear spare wheel cages

and 12th PzDiv with the large left hand storage box, no turret bin, plank mounted to their hull side, wheels storedon the rear plate and grenade launcher on the rear fender.

All three standout due to their use of obvious and non-standard fixtures. However other vehicles with the divisional symbols of these units do not carry the same style of stowage.

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