Thursday, 19 August 2010

achtung panzer

"Achtung Pnnzer 4" attributes the majority of the images used within it. And these identified images allowed me to start making connections, noticing some subtle as well some significant differences of stowage used by Kompanies within the Divisions.

This first one is designated 7th PzDiv but does not have its spare wheels stored in the classic three semicircular bins.

The turret numbers are the same size and style and are repeated as smaller versions on the rear sides as in other 7th PzDiv images. However the arrangement of the numbers indicate this image is of a vehicle from the 8th Kompanie which suggest the stowage was altered from Kompanie to Kompanie, at least in relation to wheel stowage.

Similarly the image below is designated as 6th PzDiv but is significantly different from previous images.

The turret bin is the standard version and there are no wheels on the rear plate. This vehicle belongs to the 3rd Kompanie and previously discussed images clearly belong to the 6th.

Closer inspection of this image reveals two spare wheels behind the standing soldier, attached to the side of the engine deck and a short run of track-links attached to the hull side.

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