Friday, 20 August 2010

7th PzDiv - 8th K

Trawling through my books and hoard of images I came across this image of a vehicle in Ground Power ? It carries the same style of turret numbers as 821 below and like 4th Kompanie does have jerry cans across its rear deck although in a different configuration.

A second image clearly showing the unique and complex spare wheel supports and the double row of jerrycans cantilevered off the engine deck.

The inclusion of a large log on the right side of the vehicle in this image further confirms the connection with 4thK, 7th PzDiv.

The purchase of this third images (also of 811) ties it together as it shows more features known on 4thK vehicles such as the national cross on the turret rear and the distinct large cross used on the superstructure sides and the jack moved to the left front fender because of the large log. I t also connects the stowage of the known image of 821 to those above.

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