Tuesday, 24 August 2010

12th PzDiv

I had originally thought the "plank" along the hull side of 12th PzDiv PzIVs was additional armour. Being atached by 3 bolts, Its size and placement lead me to this conclusion. However images such as this turned up showing it removed. Why would supplementary protection be removed? (click on images to see larger version) The grenade launcher with its 3 stick grenades in place shows up well here as do the bolts welded to the hull side without the plank attached.

Although the lack of large turret numbers makes Kompanie identification difficult close up images show small numbers applied to the left superstructure side and to a rhombus plate on the aerial trough. This 3rd Kompanie vehicle still has something added to its hull side but the shadow indicates that this is log and not a plank shaped. Other close ups of the same vehicle confirm this and indicate is was supported on 3 brackets, not bolted. The conclusion is that what was stored in these locations was a device for unditching the vehicle. Plank on 6th K and log on 3rd K.The fire extinguisher is moved down the fender as 3rd K mounted a medium sized box on the front of the left fender instead of the large central box which seems to be a 6th K feature. The grenade launcher with its armoured cover is just visible behind the figure on the right of the image note also that this is a hybrid vehicle with an earlier C/B turret mounted on either an E or D hull.

This third image is added to show that although very common the use of the grenade launcher was not universal.
All 3 images show the regular use of the divisional symbol on vehicles. Front and centre and on both sides of the superstructure.

12th PzDiv also had 3 Battalions but no confirmed images of 9th K have yet been found to clarify any different items used by them.

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